Technical help for electric and hybrid car repairs

Unlimited time and number of messages until the problem is fixed.

One-off technical help
If you need help repairing a problem with an electric or hybrid vehicle, you can purchase a ticket for technical help. We will provide you with unlimited technical help until you have repaired the problem. If you have more than one vehicle you need help for, you will need to buy more than one ticket. We can only help with vehicles on our supported vehicles list- if we can't help then we will refund your ticket. Support is in English language only.
The cost of the ticket is €120 and includes Estonia VAT 20%.

If you have any questions, please contact

If you wish to become electric vehicle repair specialist, you can also sign up for membership. You will have unlimited access to the same technical help above whenever you need it. We will also send you a regular newsletter with technical articles, and also you will have access to our vehicle-specific information as example here.

We can also list your garage on our website subject to passing exam below.

This service is not available in the United Kingdom- please sign up for UK membership on our UK website.
The cost of membership is €36 per month and includes Estonia VAT 20%. If you are based outside Estonia but within the European Union and are registed for VAT in your country, we can provide membership without VAT- please contact

If you have any questions, please contact

Members- get listed on our website
If you have already signed up for membership above, you can complete an exam and we can then list you on the website for no extra cost. The exam is provided by another company and there is a small charge to take the exam. You can also choose to take online training before exam, which is also chargeable.